Where have I been?

In August, I undertook a scary life change by moving to Denmark to study for a year. It was something that I had researched, spent a lot of money in buying adequate thermal underwear for and, of course, had gotten very excited about! However, in the time that I was there, many things became apparent,… Continue reading Where have I been?

Alpaca Amazingness

So, to mark the start of August, a few of our clan took a trip to a hidden gem in the Welsh valleys to Amazing Alpacas[1]farm. Can SOMEONE please sign this gorgeous boy?  The farm is situated in Monmouthshire, and, for the wise driver, is probably very easy to find. However – however – we were not… Continue reading Alpaca Amazingness

If you’re not, why not?

TW: ED You don't have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you're holding. I saw this today and it resonated very deeply. This week has been a bit of a struggle trying to negotiate with my university… Continue reading If you’re not, why not?

The results are in!

Today I got the results from my second year at university. Initially I was thrown when I saw the phrase at the top ‘You have failed to complete Stage 2’ but after reading the rest of the page, I understand better! In my coursework, I averaged a 2.1. In my exams I averaged a first! However,… Continue reading The results are in!

What has 4 wheels, great boobs and a big smile? Me!

On Thursday, I welcomed a shiny new addition to the household. The beautiful I-go Crest Powerchair (in GOLD no less) arrived at my door in a box so big that Nia can hide in it to scare me. I was amazed at how quickly it arrived - we had only ordered it the day before… Continue reading What has 4 wheels, great boobs and a big smile? Me!